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I think the Red River Rivalry is highly overrated in general, mainly because neither Texas or Oklahoma really have been rather spotty in their matchups against other big time programs of late.  Of course, if you can’t beat a team from the SEC in a championship game, you aren’t alone, but Texas and Oklahoma is a great game if you are happy to just show up for the championship game. 

1.  Alabama

2.  LSU:  Florida wasn’t really a fair matchup against the Tigers yesterday.  Even if they were completely healthy, I think the Tigers defense is the only defense close to the Alabama defense.  We will see.

3.  Oklahoma:  You put up big numbers against a Texas team that hasn’t beaten a real team in about 3-4 years.  Good job Sooners!

4.  Boise State:  I’d really like to see Boise State get some better competition.  Not so I can mock them like Oklahoma, but so I can see what they would do against some of the better teams.  I think their offense is creative enough that they would do pretty well against tougher competition.

5.  Stanford

6.  Oklahoma State

7.  Wisconsin

8.  Oregon

9.  Clemson

10.  Michigan:  Like I said last week, I may have them a little too highly ranked, but I like the way that they keep pulling games out.  So I keep rating them pretty highly. 

11.  Georgia Tech

12.  Illinois

13.  Michigan State

14.  Nebraska

15.  South Carolina

16.  Arkansas

17.  Virginia Tech

18.  Texas A&M

19.  West Virginia

20.  TCU

21.  Arizona State

22.  South Florida

23.  Kansas State

24.  Penn State

25.  Baylor

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